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Grupo América offers complete solutions for corporate and residential environments. Innovation and flexibility are the keys to are success, with internal capability for develop unique service and custom made solution.

Industrial cleaning

We have a team of excellent and industrial machinery suitable to meet the needs in different types of sectors. We work in industry, banking, education, offices, telecommunications, among others.

Windows in Height

We have a highly trained work team to clean glass facades in height. We use different mechanisms to perform cleaning. In addition our collaborators have a certificate of height granted by the Mutual Security.

Polishing of mechanical stairs

We have system designed by German engineers in order to efficiently and permanently clean and polish mechanical stairs. It ensures that the maintenance is efficient and simple from the first application.

Cleaning of parking lot floors

Before performing the service, the perimeter is isolated with safety cones and the corresponding safety measures are taken with the use of harness and helmet, Its use is mandatory.

Vacuum washing of floors

Vacuum washing floors of large areas. We have machinery necessary to carry out the washing of floors in large areas, such as malls, supermarkets and others.

Maintenance of waxed floors and others

Maintenance of waxed floors, application of seals and wax. For this service, only materials and quality products are used, which are recognized nationally.

Air conditioning

We are experts in installations and maintenance, preventive and corrective of Air Conditioning, we have the human equipment and machinery to deliver the solution that your facilities need.

Lighting and Electricity

We have a team that includes crews and engineers, which provide both the advice and professional operation of installation, maintenance and development of new facilities.

Carpets and Upholstery

Cleaning of this type of surfaces is done by Dry Washing, washing with Injection and Extraction System, in addition to washing by Dry Foam System.

Facility Management

We are leaders in this discipline that encompasses several areas to ensure a service. We provide security services, gardening, installation and maintenance of mechanical stairs and elevators, fumigation.

Washing and waxing

Thanks to the technology in machinery and chemicals that exists today, we have the ability to sweep, wash and wax surfaces, tiled floors and rubber coated.

Minor Civil Works

We deliver solutions in plumbing, masonry, metal structures such as stairs, handrails, painting structures, containers, carpentry and construction.

Group Generators:

We have qualified technicians and a network of services covering preventive and corrective maintenance, general check-up visits.

Projects and assemblies:

We have the right personnel for all types of air conditioning projects, air filtration, electricity, lighting and air extraction.


Operational and Administrative. We provide integral solutions for specific jobs (vacations, replacements, specific seasons).

Making the decision to outsource your installation services is an important strategic business decision that can produce many benefits.


Capacitation is a constant concern for our staff, the company has developed training opportunities in various areas related to our operations.

This is done through training courses and lectures given by technical specialists according to topics.

The VIP Experience
LUXUS Will Transform Your Travel Needs into a Personalized, Seamless and Stress Free Experience.

LUXUS is a local-based company that provides high-class escorting services for passengers departing from, arriving to or connecting through Miami International Airport (MIA).

Our highly experienced and talented staff will escort you during your stay at the airport so that your experience at MIA is extremely smooth and stress-free.

With more than 20 years of combined experience in rendering ground services to worldwide passengers, a solid group of highly trained, bilingual professionals and extensive knowledge of MIA’s facilities, LUXUS is ready to provide outstanding top-class services to our clients, including: curbside greeting, flight monitoring, expedite security clearance, access to VIP lounges and much more. Contact us now and start benefiting from a red-carpet treatment as soon as you step into Miami International Airport.

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We have a multidisciplinary team

This ensures that each contract is attended by specialists in their own area.

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Our Certifications

“Delivery of Internal Administrative Services (Accounting Processes, HR, Logistics and Purchasing) for companies belonging to the Group”

It conforms to the requirements of the standard:
ISO9001:2015 – NCh 9001 of:2015

“Delivery of Internal Administrative Services (Accounting, HR, Logistics and Procurement)”

It conforms to the requirements of the standard:
ISO9001:2015 – NCh 9001 of:2015