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Quality Policy

GRUPO AMÉRICA LIMPIEZA offers cleaning and hygiene integral solutions for corporate and / or industrial environments. GRUPO AMÉRICA FACILITY offers Facility Management services, preventive maintenance, corrective and works. They are strategically associated companies.

To this end we seek a level of satisfaction of the needs of our customers and stakeholders and that is durable over time, as a priority condition for the success of the company.

To achieve this policy we consider the continuous improvement of internal processes and the development of our personnel, in order to optimize the effectiveness of our Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, and that collaborates with the strategic direction of the company.

The development of these activities is part of the commitment of senior management to comply with the applicable legal requirements, that the organization subscribes and considers the due protection of the interests of the company.

As part of the ongoing review of the Quality Management System, GRUPO AMÉRICA LIMPIEZA, GRUPO AMÉRICA FACILITY undertake to review and adjust its quality policy annually or when appropriate.

Our Certifications

“Delivery of Internal Administrative Services (Accounting Processes, HR, Logistics and Purchasing) for companies belonging to the Group”

It conforms to the requirements of the standard:
ISO9001:2008 – NCh 9001 of:2009

“Delivery of Internal Administrative Services (Accounting, HR, Logistics and Procurement)”

It conforms to the requirements of the standard:
ISO9001:2008 – NCh 9001 of:2009